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7th & Penn is an interior design firm that is all about providing unique and timeless design, procuring effortless lifestyle, and creating a great experience with our clients.


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Story behind the name 7th & Penn—In 2004 my passion for design was set in motion when I went to New York City for the first time. I was captivated by the city’s incredible diversity of design styles, elements and forms. When starting my business, I knew the name had to really be something individual, significant, and special. I pulled inspiration from the NYC trip where my passion for design originated: The old Penn Station located in Manhattan. Penn Station was considered a masterpiece of the Beaux-Arts style before it was sadly torn down just 53 years after being built. The structure was known for its classical design, while celebrating and infusing modern needs and technology to optimize function. Penn Station embodies how I approach design: timeless, unique, and with intent, while achieving ideal function. My business, 7th & Penn is my ode to the beautiful building that once was and is my mantra.

Story behind the designer—It’s pretty simple: my philosophy is to take great care of my clients and always achieve the best design possible. I truly believe that good design matters and is specific to each home and those that live there. Founded on classic design principles, my aesthetic is timeless & unique while infusing my eye for color, texture and pattern. My experience with small and large projects of both residential and commercial, coupled with my network of collaborating professionals, delivers effortless lifestyle and executes your dream space. When I’m not designing I can be found brunching, being curious about everything, spending time with family and friends, enjoying daily updates on the world of sweet, sweet chocolate, and thinking how deep down, I really just want to globe-trot my way through life.

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